Microsoft Business Central

Microsoft Business Central is one of the world's most implemented and leading ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) according to Gartner.It is a modern cloud-based ERP that provides strong support for many types of functionality for a large number of industries. It is easy to develop and ensures opportunities to quickly adapt to future requirements for efficient operations via, among other things, Microsoft's AI initiative Copilot..

We at Navcite are a solution partner to Microsoft. We have extensive experience in implementations for industries in manufacturing, distribution, and projects. Contact us for a more efficient operation with concrete business results and Microsoft Business Central as your new ERP.


We help you get started

Microsoft Business Central is the ERP for those who want a more efficient operation with concrete business results.When you choose Microsoft Business Central as your ERP and Navcite as your solution partner, we will help you with the following:

  • Introduce more efficient ways to measure and control the business based on the right goals and key figures
  • Ensure an effective implementation according to your current and future business needs
  • Create a foundation for becoming truly data-driven
  • Making fast changes to critical business processes and making them work in everyday life
  • Develop integration with other mission-critical systems
Microsoft Business Central

We support the whole organization

The new ERP system must work optimally for the entire organization. But above all, it is the needs of the business manager, financial manager, and IT manager that are in focus when we start an implementation project.

This is what the different needs can look like. And of course, we help everyone.

Industries we help


Gain control over project management and increase profitability.
tower crane


Streamline operations by digitalized processes and optimize resources.
Robotic Arm production lines modern industrial technology. Automated production cell.
Business integration

Increase the operational mobility with ProApps

We have developed ProApps as an additional feature for Business Central. It is a mobile platform that integrates different business critical processes, systems and people. The result is raised mobility in the company, because availability is no longer defined by time and place.
Automated processes
ProApps is made to streamline every task and create smart works flows and processes.
Easy start-up
The applications is available as web and mobile clients, they are quickly adopted to your operations.
Independent integration
ProApps integrates and automates the use of different business critical processes.
Scalable business support
The applications follow your business development and you can add more building blocks over time.

Smooth operations

Smooth operations

We follow your company from project planning to support and make your operations more efficient.

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