Business Central

Business Central is one of the world’s most implemented ERPs for companies who want a complete solution for follow-ups and business control. It is a system that supports companies in growth and it is continuously updated to match global changes and demands.
Resources shape results
Microsoft 365 Business Central is a powerful business system that, with its scalability, can follow companies on an expansive journey. We have a long experience from helping companies with high demands on automation, mobility and efficiency.


Gain control over project directions and a raised profitability.
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Streamline operations by digitalized processes and optimize resources.
Robotic Arm production lines modern industrial technology. Automated production cell.
Business integration

Increase the operational mobility with ProApps

We have developed ProApps as an additional feature for Business Central. It is a mobile platform that integrates different business critical processes, systems and people. The result is raised mobility in the company, because availability is no longer defined by time and place.
Automated processes
ProApps is made to streamline every task and create smart works flows and processes.
Easy start-up
The applications is available as web and mobile clients, they are quickly adopted to your operations.
Independent integration
ProApps integrates and automates the use of different business critical processes.
Scalable business support
The applications follow your business development and you can add more building blocks over time.

Smooth operations

We follow your company from project planning to support and make your operations more efficient.