Where ideas can grow

At Navcite, we have a long experience of implementing business systems, streamlining processes and developing our own digital services and applications. We are driven by being the best in our segment, being innovative and thinking outside the box.
Our believes
We work to find the best solution for each customer. This is how we challenge each other, our own knowledge and stimulate the development of skills.
Seniors and juniors
We are in an expansive phase and are looking for you who have just graduated or have more experience.
Our roles
At Navcite you can , for example, work as a project manager, system developer or business consultant.
Varying tasks
We offer a creative workplace where you will gain new knowledge and test many different tasks.
“Our success story is reflected by our employees. Here, everyone have equal value and have fun together. We work with great commitment, new ways of thinking and the attitude that nothing is impossible”
Lars Nordlund, CEO at Navcite

Our market

We work on local, national and international markets. As part of Navcite, you are expected to share our view of teamwork and desire to develop, as a professional world and as a person.
Team players
We support each other, share knowledge and work in teams for best results.
We make our customers' everyday lives easier, in order to succeed we embrace the challenge of every project.
At Navcite we take responsibility for our own work and ensure that what is delivered to the customer is of the highest quality.
We constantly want to learn more and take on new tasks, and gain knowledge from employees and customers.
The future is simple

Welcome to Navcite

We believe that resources shape the result, and that processes must adapt to a faster world. Navcite makes life easier for organizations and the people within.