iCore is a Swedish company that delivers a complete integration platform in the iCore Integration Suite. Our relationship with iCore goes far back in time and almost two decades have passed since we made our first EDI flow together. iCore Integration Suite contains several modules and can be run in your own environment On-Prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid variant. Today, most customers we work with have mixed and hybrid environments.

Let the next project be your best

iCore is fully event-based and has full traceability with the ability to rerun integrations or parts of integrations. Being a partner with iCore means that we work together according to a model that makes it easy with support and resource allocation. Running Infor M3 or Microsoft NAV/BC fits perfectly with iCore, which gives you a real breadth around your system integrations. If you want to know more or talk to references, you are welcome to contact us!

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