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Infor M3

Infor M3 is the industry-leading business system for medium-sized and large companies with multinational businesses. It is designed to suit complex industries where the demands for flexibility and automated solutions are high.
30 years of experience
We have worked with M3 since the early 90’s. Back then, the system was called Movex. Our consultants have followed the product development and can deliver customized solutions to the business’ most critical processes.


Gain control over project directions and a raised profitability.
tower crane


Streamline operations by digitalized processes and optimize resources.
Robotic Arm production lines modern industrial technology. Automated production cell.


Raise availability with preventive planning and effective reporting.
Large industrial water treatment and boiler room. Shiny steel metal pipes and blue pupms and valves.


Infor M3 (formerly known as Movex M3) is a scalable and open business system with a high grade of functionality. The system is designed to manage complex supply chains, manufacturing, inventory management, delivery and aftermarket.

The ERP is today used by multinational companies within, for example, manufacturing, process industry, food production, chemicals and can be used in the cloud or locally. with Infor M3, the company gets a unique scalable solution that can be customized to specific needs and operational requirements.

Industry focus
Navcite has a long experience from implementing Infor M3 in a number of complex industries, where the demands on efficiency in every step are high. Over the years, we have specialized in a couple of areas where we can take a leading role, from project management to support and ongoing work.

– Project planning
– Manufacturing
– Maintenance


The business system Infor M3 is based on the platform Infor IS and contains smart features for business specific requirements and needs. With the user-friendly interface, Infor M3 is easy to use for everybody in the organization. Create role-based homepages for every co-worker and make relevant information available for every task. 

Global solution
-Global financial visibility
-Multisite, multi-company, multi-country, multi currency, and multi-language
-Supports 23 languages and 46 countries

Support for core business processes
-Financial management
-Supply chain management (planning and execution)
-Procurement management
-Equipment, service and rental management

Consumer grade, easy-to-use UI
-Personalized, role-based
-Business collaboration including workflow and alerts
-Accessible through a wide range of browsers and devices

Support systems

Navcite offers many types of additional systems for our customers’ operations and Infor M3. We can support you in the implementation phase and integrate the add-ons in your daily work.

Infor ION
Easily integrate Infor and third-party enterprise systems, while eliminating information silos with Infor Intelligent Open Network, Infor’s advanced middleware cloud platform. Infor ION provides the flexibility you need to make an often complex web of enterprise systems work together. It provides the long-term sustainability to optimize return on technology investments. With ION, one application can be upgraded, replaced, or even fail without taking the entire network down. Information is accessible in real-time, and system maintenance is less costly and complex.
Read more at or contact Navcite for more information. 

Infor Enterprise Collaborator (MEC)
MEC is a message broker application and M3 integration platform. MEC Application enables M3 to communicate and integrate with internal and external resources through message or document exchange.
Contact Navcite for more information. 

MediusFlow is a system for standardized and electronic invoice. Companies using MediusFlow can automate the invoice management, so that up to 95% of the supplier invoices are processed via automation. As a bonus, the company saves valuable time by making sure that the right invoice information is presented for the right person, at the right time.
Read more at or contact Navcite for more information.

Business integration

Take Infor M3 to the next level with ProApps

We have developed ProApps as an additional feature for Infor M3. It is a mobile platform that integrates different business critical processes, systems and people. The result is raised mobility in the company, because availability is no longer defined by time and place.
Automated processes
ProApps is made to streamline every task and create smart works flows and processes.
Easy start-up
The applications is available as web and mobile clients, they are quickly adopted to your operations.
Independent integration
ProApps integrates and automates the use of different business critical processes.
Scalable business support
The applications follow your business development and you can add more building blocks over time.

Smooth operations

We follow your company from project planning to support and make your operations more efficient.