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Today's manufacturing companies work in close collaboration with customers and suppliers for safer processes and deliveries. For the organization's roles in sales, purchasing, manufacturing and warehousing, tools are needed to visualize, streamline and share information about what to do and when.
Robotic Arm production lines modern industrial technology. Automated production cell.
Efficient manufacturing
Worked flows and visual overview of the production provide good conditions for profitability. Navcite delivers business solutions that create control over production and resource consumption.
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An easy implementation

Our philosophy is that change must begin quickly and finish seamlessly. At Navcite, you meet a competent, committed and decisive organization. We follow companies from project planning to support of business systems and continuously share our knowledge and insights.

The challenge is control in the supply chain

A failure or delay in the supply chain quickly becomes a costly business. In order to be competitive in a national and international market, it is important that a platform facilitates information exchange between parties and supports its own use of resources.
Lack of planning support
Lack of support for planning materials and internal resources results in increased costs, reduced flexibility and increased risk of delayed deliveries.
Problems with re-reporting
Not having simple and visual tools in re-reporting means that outcomes become erroneous and follow-up is made more difficult.
Manual administration
Manual handling of information and tasks risks not being carried out or becoming dependent on people.
System Availability
Systems that require you to be on site to perform your tasks run the risk of limiting the organization's flexibility.

Follow, plan and optimize the production

A business is at its best when people and systems work together. We work close with our customers to analyze processes and make them run better. With world-leading business systems and applications, Navcite gives you the best opportunities possible for smart work, control and mobility.
Effective planning
Planning is facilitated by systems that can maintain basic data and support the needs of the business.
Role-based workspaces
With role-based workspaces via computer and mobile applications, reporting is simplified and quality assured.
Real-time and collaborative data
Let information flow in real time internally and to partners for the best possible current situation.
The mobile office
Cloud-based systems offer constant access to information. It facilitates daily work and allows for quick decisions.
"We got a platform that fully supports our business. We can work more digital and get better control and traceabilityin our processes. We also got a better flow through every supply chain, leading to higher quality and efficiency"
Sven Lindström, CEO at Kami.
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We simplify and digitalize our customers’ life with the business systems Infor M3 and Microsoft 365 Business Central. As an addition, we have developed ProApps, an application increased mobility in your business.

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Smooth operations

Smooth operations

We follow your company from project planning to support and make your operations more efficient.

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