Focusing on profitability

Project-intensive organizations within construction, electricity and plumbing are always competing with their peers during the bidding procedure. Won tenders require planning, control and structure at each stage to reach project goals. This requires effective reporting, follow-ups and information sharing tools.
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Smarter projects
A profitable project is made out of collaboration, control and knowledge. Navcite delivers complete business solutions that engage co-workers and give good results.
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An easy implementation

Our philosophy is that change must begin quickly and finish seamlessly. At Navcite, you meet a competent, committed and decisive organization. We follow companies from project planning to support of business systems and continuously share our knowledge and insights.

The challenge is financial control

There are many factors that drive profitability in a project. The actual work is crucial, but in order to measure and work proactively towards set goals, a visual and complete system support is required for project managers. Depending on the type of project (current, fixed price, partnering or combinations), there is a budget for which the project manager directs. If you work actively during the project and update the forecast, it gives clear signals about what the final financial result will be, it also gives the opportunity to act early on deviations and focus on changing this.
Manual time sheets and project documentation is a time-consuming task and requires many administrative resources.
Lack of communication
Not having a simple flow of information between field workers and suppliers costs time and money.
Difficult forecasts
Without defined tools for steering towards set goals, uncertainty is quickly formed about how the project is progressing.​
Manual invoice management
Manual administration takes time and risks not always being consistent with what has been decided in advance.

Let the next project be your best

A business is at its best when people and systems work together. We work close with our customers to analyze processes and make them run better. With world-leading business systems and applications, Navcite gives you the best opportunities possible for smart work, control and mobility.
Financial project responsibility
Conditions are created for project managers to take on greater financial responsibilities. The work becomes more interesting, increases participation and understanding.
Role-based workspaces
Customized workspaces for every co-worker and partner creative clarity over responsibilities.
Data in real time
Let managers make the right decision at the right time to ensure a continued profitable project.
Digital invoice tools
By digitizing and streamlining the processes for incoming and outgoing invoices, the conditions for faster invoicing and increased liquidity are created.
“With the implementation of a new project management and a new system for projects and work orders, project managers can follow the progress via defined key figures and can act proactively towards set goals and forecasts. Standardized working methods and key figures allow us to follow and compare the respective branches. When the project managers get a better understanding and actively control each part of the projects over time, there is a big upside, not least when their own work becomes more fun and interesting"
Per Westerberg, Project coordination and purchasing manager at IVAB.
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We simplify and digitalize our customers’ life with the business systems Infor M3 and Microsoft 365 Business Central. As an addition, we have developed ProApps, an application increased mobility in your business.

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Smooth operations

Smooth operations

We follow your company from project planning to support and make your operations more efficient.

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